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Winter Wellness

Natural remedies to support your body’s immune system

Winter as we all know is the season where people start getting sick, with colds and coughs

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that can influence our body defence mechanism, in preventing illness.

When it comes to being treated by an acupuncturist you will probably always be told to cover your neck with a scarf especially if its a windy day, keep your feet warm avoid cold foods particularly in the winter months.These are just some general life style advice we provide, but there is a reason for this, our body is protected by our Qi.

Qi is equivalent to energy it flows through our body just like the air that we breath, if there are blockages within the body the Qi then becomes blocked or is weakened and can not protect the body. For every individual there are reasons why Qi is blocked it is the role of the TCM practitioner to determine what organ is effected and what meridians are impacted within the body.

TCM focuses on the immune system by looking into several aspects of the body and ensuring everything is functioning to it optimal potential

Thats why the foods you eat during winter are important, if your digestion isn’t working effectively this means toxins can build up in the body. Good gut bacteria is important as it can make your body work hard to eliminate toxins from the body

There are basic herbs and teas that are used in Chinese medicine that can support your immune system or help you out if you’re unwell:

Garlic also know as a natural antibiotic filled with great antioxidants.

Ginger is used frequently, if you have an annoying cough that doesn’t seem to want to stop try slicing a piece of ginger and placing it on your tongue. it can help stop that annoying cough,It also acts like a natural antihistamine.

Spring onion is a great solution if you feel a cold coming on some of these symptoms may be mild at first such as a slight irritated throat or mild body aches. Grab some spring onion and add it to a warm salad.

Chen pi also know tangerine peel tea located at your local Chinese grocery store its great to help clear out that sticky phlegm when you seem to cough and nothing seems to want to come out.

But most importantly avoiding cold drinks meaning try and have water that is warm to room temperature, avoid cold fruits and salads in the winter time, steam your vegetables and have broths, your body will thank you for it. With every season our body needs to adapt and winter is the time where we need to harvest our energy and hibernate a little.