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Moxibustion, a common technique in Traditional Chinese medicine, utilizes burning moxa close to the skin surface. Once burnt, it releases essential oils with various beneficial effects on the body:

  • Natural Pain Relief: Provides a natural remedy for pain.
  • Warming and Soothing Effect: Induces warmth and soothes targeted areas.
  • Improved Blood Flow: Enhances blood circulation to specific areas.
  • Digestion Improvement: Aids in improving digestive function.
  • Dispels Cold: Acts as a remedy for dispelling cold sensations.
  • Enhanced Qi Circulation: Improves the flow of Qi energy in the body.
  • Increased Energy: Boosts overall energy levels.

The released smoke is non-harmful and carries therapeutic benefits. Moxibustion is particularly beneficial for individuals sensitive to needles, offering an alternative and effective treatment option.

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Cupping therapy is thought to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance relaxation by improving blood flow.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese herbs promote overall health by addressing symptoms and root causes, including immune function and hormonal balance.

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