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How does acupuncture work and what are meridians?

Acupuncture has been around for over 2000 years it has been a form of holistic medicine that people have relied upon in the past and greatly benefited from. Acupuncture is a great way to ensure your body is functioning to its optimal capacity and everything is flowing as it should be.

From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective if you are unwell this could be related to a number of factors including blockages in the body. We generally talk about meridians in acupuncture and there are specific points chosen depending on you diagnosis and what you are presenting with.

The meridians are based on the major organs within the body, the Zang which are the yin organs that include, the heart, liver, lung, spleen, and kidney.

The heart’s main role is to regulate blood flow and transport blood through vessels, the heart also houses the spirit, this means that it effects your mental state of mind if there is any disharmony you may not be able to think think clearly or make rational decisions.

The Spleens main role is to transport and transform all the nutrients within the body, It produces Qi and blood in the body. The main emotion linked with the spleen is worry and over thinking.

Liver is responsible for moving Qi and supporting the spleen function, the liver also has a role in storing the blood that the spleen produces. The flow of Qi throughout the meridians is based on how well the liver is functioning. Stress and anger can severely impact the liver Qi flow throughout the body.

The lung is responsible for descending the Qi through the body, if the lung function is impaired that may cause coughing and congestion. The lung also opens up to the skin pore so if there is a disharmony a person immunity maybe impaired.

Kidney essence is important for reproduction and general growth. The kidney meridian is responsible for the movement of water throughout the body and the secretion and excretion of body fluids. The main emotion linked with the kidneys is fear.

The Fu are the yang organs and they have each a direct link with the Zang, the direct links between each organ are listed below:

  • Gallbladder and liver
  • Bladder and kidney
  • Large intestine linked with the Lung
  • Small intestine and heart
  • Stomach linked with spleen

There are 365 acupuncture points which are related to a different meridian channel and organ which means each point has a different role and functions.
If there are blockages the Qi can be stagnant and not flowing properly or affecting another organ.
The selection of acupuncture points is vital in ensuring that Qi and blood can flow throughout the entire body. You can think of meridians as an electric circuit within the body if there is a blockage on a meridian it will have a direct impact on the body as a whole therefore selection of appropriate points is essential.

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