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14 Reasons why acupuncture is beneficial in the late stages of pregnancy

If you are currently in your last trimester and have been advised by your obstetrician that you may require an induction or will need to be booked in for a caesarean section, acupuncture maybe something that you may want to try as it may have the following benefits on your body:

1. Helps relax the cervix
2. Can help your baby make its way to an engaged position
3. Relaxes your body
4. Increases oxytocin which prepares your body for birth
5. Can help reduce duration of labour
6. Can help assist with pain during contractions by using specific acupressure points which are demonstrated to you by your acupuncturist
7. Assist with aches and pains which are prevalent in the last trimester
8. Acupuncture is beneficial to assist with sleep it is common for pregnant women to experience trouble falling asleep, due to discomfort or being overtired
9. Electro acupuncture is commonly used on the acupuncture points to further enhance the effect of acupuncture, the points selected are specific to assist your baby in the birth prep process, you may notice that your baby will also respond to the stimuli of the acupuncture
10. Support circulation throughout the body
11. Reduces swelling in extremities supports lymphatic drainage
12. Can help with pelvic pain
13. Relaxes tight muscles and reduces inflammation
14. Helps reduce stress and anxiety levels

Regardless of your birth plan acupuncture has a positive impact on your body, acupuncture is beneficial at any stage of pregnancy from first trimester up until the 3rd trimester, your body is continually changing adjusting to hormones and the uterus as it grows and expands to help support the growth of your baby.
If you would like any further information on having treatments with acupuncture for labour induction and birth prep please contact Dr Merna El Chaaban at On Point Acupuncture on (03) 9715 3888 or alternatively on 0403273861

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