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10 Useful Ways To Improve Breast Milk Production

When it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine there are a number of factors that impact breast milk supply, the majority of the time it can either be due to Qi and blood deficiency or Liver Qi stagnation.

Women who tend to suffer from Qi and blood deficiency may have lost a lot of blood during the birthing process or lack nutrients to increase the milk supply, this may also be due to dehydration. Breast are generally soft and milk is watery and thin.

On the other hand women who have Liver Qi stagnation tend to be very emotional, maybe suffering from stress and other emotional factors they tend to be prone to have sore tender breast, mastitis the breast maybe large and swollen and hard for the baby to latch on. The saying is in Traditional Chinese Medicine, feed the mother to feed the child, below is a list of foods that can be consumed to improve milk supply.


Complex carbohydrate, rich in iron protein and fibre as you are burning a lot of energy while breast feeding oats can help you feel fuller for longer.


Gluten free grain and another option available if you have a gluten intolerance.


Vitamin D, essential fatty acid, are an amazing source of protein and also assist with improving milk supply.

Leafy green vegetables:

Essential in the diet not only do they benefit lactation but also improve energy levels. Kale, spinach, parsley, and bob coy are recommended.

Coconut oil:

Contains Lauric acid which makes it similar and vital to breast milk.

Raw nuts, almonds, walnuts:

Contain calcium and magnesium they are great snacks to have in between feeding


small white fish are recommended in China a broth is made from the fish and given to the feeding mother to increase milk production.

Pig trotters:

Commonly used to improve breast milk production, like fish they are generally boiled to form a broth and herbs and spices are added.


A herb that has been used for years, it reduces inflammation in the body and stimulates milk ducks, therefore improving milk production.


It has a number of therapeutic properties, including nourishing and warming, it increases breast milk production as well as enhancing the immune system.

It is important to remember to avoid anything cold this means nothing straight from the fridge no raw foods, ensure vegetables are always steamed prior to being consumed

A women burns 500 calories per day just by breast feeding, so ensure that you drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated as well as continue with a prenatal multivitamin.

Please be make note the above are only suggestions and you must consult with a doctor if you have any pre existing health conditions and allergies.

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